My Story

 My Scentsy addiction began back in the fall of 2010 when my cousin was on facebook constantly advertising about Scentsy and I had never even heard of it, so I just kept scrolling past it!  Then, one day, she said something about Mochadoodle and she had me!!!!  I had no idea what it was but I HAD TO KNOW!!!!  SO, I ordered my first warmer and my first bar, Mochadoodle and I fell in LOVE!!!!  My lil dude was a year and a half old at the time and was into everything and was such a klutz and I was sooo concerned with him getting burnt by a candle so Scentsy was PERFECT!!!!!  No wick, no flames, no fuss and NO burns for my lil dude!!!!!  AND the wax and light bulb are never hot enough for him to get burnt even with his curious lil hands!  I continued to buy Scentsy from my cousin for a year and then another cousin joined her team and I started buying from her too and brought warmers for my parents & even my dad (a HUGE yankee candles fanatic) fell in love with Scentsy!!!!!  My cousins constantly asked me why I didnt join their team and sell for myself but I kept coming up with excuses and then finally in fall of 2011 I decided to do an online party to see if I had enough friends and family that would be interested in buying!!!  well, I dont remember my exact numbers but I ended up with A LOT of half priced and free items that I used as Christmas presents for people!!!!  SO, finally, in Feb of 2012 when I got a new apt I decided to join my cousins and sell for myself and I am even more in LOVE with Scentsy now than I was before!!!!!  The rewards and benefits are endless and the friends I have made are phenomenal!!!!!  Anyways, thats my Scentsy story.... whats yours going to be?!  :-)<!--endbody-->